The region of Britanny was made for explorers with its wild, dramatic coastlines, medieval towns and thick forests. This is also a land of prehistoric mysticism with the megaliths of Carnac, proud tradition and culinary wealth.

Explore the rugged coastlines of FINISTERE, one of the most beautiful bay in the world GOLFE DU MORBIHAN, the incredible MONT SAINT MICHEL.  One thing is certain, there’s far more to Brittany than delicious crêpes and homemade cider.

Agriculture in Britanny 

Britanny is the first french region for livestock: poultry,  porks and dairy cows. Actually  1 chicken out of 3 is produced in Britanny;  more than 65 % of  the french porks herd is breeded in the region and  this is the first dairy region in France.. Brittany is also the first french region in producing vegetables:  cauliflower, artichokes, shallots, spinach, peas, green beans and  tomatoes.


This tour is an example: times, dates and itinerary  are only given as a suggestion


Sources : Chambre d’Agriculture de Bretagne, AGRESTE Bretagne, CRT Bretagne / Crédit Photos: CRT Bretagne, CRT Normandie