Located in the very heart of France, Auvergne is a unique area with a well preserved natural environment. A land of volcanic peaks, fertile valleys and hot mineral springs. Auvergne offers stunning scenery. The Chaine des Puys , a series of rounded volcanoes, streches out over the landscape in a display of wild beauty .

Agriculture in Auvergne 

Auvergne is the third french region regarding bovine production. Today the dairy production serves only one objective: produce the  AOP  labelled cheeses  Cantal and Saint Nectaire. The bovines are mainly used for their meat and Auvergne is the first french meat bovine producer with the breed of Charolais and Salers. The main crops in Auvergne are wheat and corn.


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Sources: CRT Auvergne, AGRESTE Auvergne / Crédit photo: CRT AUVERGNE